HARRP (Highland Access, Reentry and Recovery Program)

HARRP was established at Highland United Church of Christ in Northeast Portland in December 2009 by a group of men and women wanting to make a difference in the lives of people getting out of prison. Most of these individuals had been in prison themselves. Many are now acting as professional drug and alcohol counselors or mentors, putting their experience to work to change lives.

HARRP provides transitional services to formerly incarcerated persons and their families in order to
increase public safety and awareness, empower families and strengthen the community. Services include
mentoring released prisoners, in-prison education, educating and mentoring for the children and families of the incarcerated.

HARRP’s goals are to help people in recovery and coming out of prison become successful, reunite with their loved ones and stay clean and out of trouble. We work primarily with people in the Portland Metro Area. HARRP also provides counseling and support to the families of incarcerated and spiritual counseling.


Highland Behind Bars

This is an opportunity to minister to the homeless and incarcerated. Activities include, but are not limited to events such as the Burnside feed and prison visitation. We have various 12-step programs at Highland, as well as H.A.R.R.P., to support people being released from prison